Want to start a local chapter?

Interested in providing events to a diverse community, and like to be part of Coding Grace and make a differece?

Drop Vicky an email, we are very happy to have a chat with you and see how we can make this happen.

Here's some info on starting your own Coding Grace chapter.

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Getting involved

What does an organiser do?

Venues, mentors, sponsors

Event management, co-ordinate with mentors & co-organisers, catering, workshop content

Promotion (press release, social media)

Point-of-contact person on the day of the event


Ok, what happens next when I join as an organiser?

Add you as organiser on

Add your city chapter on

Add you as Manager on Facebook Page

Add you as Co-Organiser on group

Choosing what kind of workshop you want to run

Depending on the technology, e.g. Python, it might not be easy finding mentors. If this is your first workshop, you can instruct the workshop yourself.

Size of workshop is up to each organiser. Dublin ones are typically capped at 25 attendees, and we aim to have 1 mentor per 5 attendees.

Coding Grace workshop content (slides, exercises, source code, etc.) are shared via |

Set a date

Setting a date and knowing what workshop you will be running will be enough information when looking for volunteer mentors/helpers and venues.

Call for volunteer mentors

Here are a few suggestions to start looking for volunteer mentors:-
  • Universities
  • Local companies
  • Local usergroups (, mailing lists)
  • Friends

Find a venue

If it is possible, a city centre location. If that is not possible, try to find a venue that is easily accessible via public transport.

Venue should have at least:

  • Tables and chairs (classroom setup)
  • Projector (and screen)
  • Decent Wi-Fi


Coding Grace can help with initial expenses if funds are available.

If you find a sponsor, we will need the following:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo (high resolution image)
  • Company short description
  • Company URL
  • What they will be sponsoring

Event Page

You can add your event to Coding Grace own:-

You can use our Coding Grace account to create your tickets and to manage your event.

To get added to any of above, you can email

Other recommended ticket management sites

We don't restrict anyone on services used, above are tried and tested. EventBrite is especially handy to handle waiting lists, internal emails, refunds, etc. And also supports Stripe (and it's an Dublin-based company).

If you find another ticket management site, do let us know.

Coding Grace Logos

You can download them from If you need something else, you can email

Some guidelines

Modification of colours are allowed, but if you want to modify the logo design, you will need to email us the details on the planned modifications for approval by Coding Grace Foundation CLG.

We don't want the logo to be used for events not related or associated with Coding Grace.

We recommend contacting the Coding Grace Foundation CLG for permission for all derived logos to avoid placing a confusing logo into wide-spread use.


Promo'ing your workshop

Vicky can help:

  • Tweet (MT/RT) via @CodingGrace
  • Monthly newsletter, even if you don't have dates or venues, you can still send me details about the workshop you are running so people know what upcoming workshops are happening that month. Please allow at least 2 days notice.


Create a Twitter account for your chapter.

Finally... Word of Mouth!