I made a zine

I've been wanting to make a zine for awhile now. Especially when I came across Bubble Sort Zines and Julia Evan's Wizard Zines collection ranging from command line, linux, networking, http, bit and latest one is "How containers work". I missed a zine workshop by Grrrlzine when they visited Dublin last year as part of the Irish Literature Festival.

Ever so eager, I wanted to run a zine-making workshop as part of LoveLaceSpace but timing didn't work out....

Until a recent email from Science Gallery Dublin and it had a How to Maker a Zine in its newsletter. It was a Friday and I though... "Huh, why not!! πŸ€”πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ͺ"

My first attempt

Followed the instructions (click on the pic in the Science Gallery post πŸ‘†), that's where the scissors comes in, just for a quick snip.

Now for the content... what to do!? πŸ€”

πŸ’‘ I know, it'll be a perfect companion for my Maker project, "Print your own adventure game".

You've got 8 pages (teeny ones at that πŸ˜†), so this what I decided on:-

Making a Zine

Making a Zine

Making a Zine

πŸ‘† The finished 1st attempt before I coloured it in.

Making a Zine

πŸ‘† This is after I used markers and coloured it in.

Before I coloured it in, I inked it with a black pen (muji oil-based, 0.5mm). I wasn't very happy with the results. They were cheapo markers from LIDL (I think), and wasn't very clean, erasing the pencil marks left it really grubby.

Next - let's digitise it!

πŸ€” So I thought what if I scanned it in and then re-ink and colour it digitially on my iPad Pro with Procreate. My recent foray back in to drawing and use the iPad with Procreate properly instead of watching videos/movies got my artsy creative brain ticking.

So that's what I did:-

Making a Zine - Phase 2 - digitise it

Now at this point, I thought it's all done and dusted. First of all, it was not quite centred and it was all a little off after folding the zine, things were not where they seemed or cut off.

Making a Zine - Phase 2 - digitise it

It was much better this time after folding it. It's a bit of trial and error.

Making a Zine - Phase 2 - digitise it

Making a Zine - Phase 2 - digitise it

Now I was not happy with just the flat colours, why not add a tiny bit more details to bring out the chunky headings on each page.

Finally, let's add a little more detail digitally

Making a zine - final

I'm super pleased with the results. I'm still learning to finish details, so it's not for this zine as I don't want it to look perfect, I'll leave that to my next digitial painting project.

Making a zine - final

Making a zine - final

Making a zine - final

Making a zine - final

Making a zine - final

Here's my final demo of the finished zine:

Making a zine - final

Do you have a zine to share?

Anyone who makes zines out there? Do share! You can tweet @DublinMaker and @whykay with #DublinMaker #ShareYourMakes.

Finally, I hope everyone is safe and well in this extraordinary time, let's keep making, sharing and connected!

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